About Us

Zatorres was born from a profound appreciation for exceptional footwear, steeped in generations of menswear artisanship. Mitchell Torres, our founder, has always believed that shoes are the cornerstone of any distinguished ensemble. This belief took on new meaning in 2019 when Mitchell was confronted with a daunting cancer diagnosis, given just weeks to live. Intensive chemotherapy and radiation led to a dramatic weight loss of 115 pounds, making well-fitting clothes and shoes a challenge. Frustrated by the inflated prices of mediocre footwear hiding behind prestigious brand names, Mitchell was inspired to create Zatorres. Our mission goes beyond footwear; for every 20 pairs sold, Zatorres donates a pair to a cancer patient or survivor, reflecting our founder's belief in the transformative power of quality shoes.

Crafted in the artisan workshops of Mallorca, Spain, each Zatorres shoe embodies centuries of shoemaking tradition and innovative design. We meticulously source materials from renowned tanneries like Tolio, Nuova Antilope, and David Oehler, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship in every pair. At Zatorres, we offer more than shoes; we provide a bespoke customer experience tailored to individuals who value sophistication and comfort in every step. From personalized consultations to impeccable service, our commitment to excellence ensures that each client finds not only a shoe but a symbol of enduring quality and personal style.

By choosing Zatorres you join a community that values quality, integrity, and the finer things in life.